2018 Posters and Lightening Talks

Melissa Arnold, Indiana University. A Philosophical Investigation of Interculturally Responsive Teaching: Fostering an Environment of Intercultural Responsiveness in the Music Classroom

Scott Atchison, Pennsylvania State University. Effects of Dissonance on Intonation Performance in Intermediate and Advanced Wind Instrumentalists

Molly Baugh, University of Michigan. Crescendo Detroit Pathways Program: An Implementation Evaluation Report

Iantheia Calhoun, Indiana University. The Effect of a Systematic Vocalization Method on Jazz Performance Achievement and Self-Efficacy

Ian Cicco, Indiana University. Orff Schulwerk and Critical Pedagogy for Preservice Music Educators: Intersections of Tradition and Innovation

Casey Collins, University of Michigan. North Carolina Elementary General Music Educators’ Perceptions of Teaching Music from a Multicultural Perspective

Marci Malone DeAmbrose, University of Nebraska – Lincoln. The Next Generation: A Methodological Review of Mixed Methods Research in Music Education to Further Objectives of Music Instruction

Erica Desaulniers, Northwestern University. An Exploration of Fandom and its Implications for Music Education

James Eldreth, Pennsylvania State University. The Inevitable Degree in Popular Music

Amanda Ellerbe, Indiana University. Music and Prosociality: A Literature Review

Antía González Ben, University of Wisconsin-Madison. New Words, Old Tropes: Interrogating IBDP Music’s Move from Musical Genre to Musical Culture

Shawn Goodman, Indiana University. Mining the Archives: Tradition and Innovation in Hoagy Carmichael’s Musical Contributions

Rachel Grimsby, Michigan State University. “Paid Babysitter?!”, “Musical Baggage”, and “Patience, Please!”: Perceived Needs of Music Educators and Paraprofessionals in Working with Students with Special Needs.

Adam Grisé, University of Maryland. BIG Diversity? Demographic Representation Among the Big Ten Schools of Music

Emily Heuschele, University of Minnesota. Tradition and Innovation in the School Orchestra: An Analysis of Journal Articles on Eclectic String Playing and Teaching

Patrick Horton, Northwestern University. Guided Reflection and Performance Achievement

Sarah Inendino, University of Michigan. Adult Learning in Musical Theater

Amy Lewis, Michigan State University. Music Educators’ Experiences in Exploring Critical Race Theory through Professional Development Communities

Christopher Marple, University of Iowa. Attrition of High School Choristers: An International Perspective

Douglas McCall, Pennsylvania State University. Authentic Context Learning Activities in a Year-Long Teaching Internship

Amanda McClintok, Northwestern University. Teacher Perceptions of Music Education for Students with Disabilities in an Adaptive Music Class

Shawn McNamara, Indiana University. The Musical Voice

Jess Mullen, University of Wisconsin – Madison. Toward a Critical Pedagogy of Popular Music in Teacher Education

Ashland Murphy, University of Maryland. Self-confidence and Musical Confidence in Females

David Potter, Michigan State University. Music Teacher Perceptions of Assessment, Evaluation, and Effectiveness

Adrienne Rodriguez, Michigan State University. The Impact of Early Childhood Music Class Attendance on Musical Parenting

Brittany Rom, University of Nebraska- Lincoln. Igniting Virtuosi; A Multiple Case Study of Top String Teachers

Brittany Rom, University of Nebraska- Lincoln. Scaffolding Autonomy in the Music Practice Room: Exploring the Impact of Computer-Assisted Feedback on Performance Accuracy Growth During Music Practicing

Andria Savage, University of Iowa.Free the Strings: Current Research On Creative Musicianship and String Education

Casey Schmidt, Northwestern University. Creating a Reliable and Valid Measure of Collaborative Improvisation

Tobin Shucha, University of Wisconsin– Madison. Social Induction Processes in U.S. High School Bands

Anand Sukumaran, University of Michigan. Trade Winds – A Pedagogical Composition to Introduce Indian Classical Music in Western-Classical Ensemble Settings

Yunshu Tan, Pennsylvania State University. A Case Study of a Chinese International Non-music Majors’ Pop/ Rock Band Association

Gayl Teo, Indiana University. Relationships Between Sight-reading Achievement Scores and Chunking Strategies Among Advanced String Instrumentalists

Latasha Thomas-Durrell, Michigan State University. Intersections of Identity

Adam White, Northwestern University. The Effects of Feedback on Sight- singing Error Correction

Le Zhang, Pennsylvania State University. Cultivating of International Mindedness through an Online Music Teacher Training: Benefits and Challenges

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