Calls for Presentations

As part of our “Musical Communities:  Within and Beyond the Four Walls” CIC meeting, we are seeking presentations of research or best practices related to interactions between University music education communities and other types of communities.  The 10-minute presentations could describe the nature of the interactions/program/partnerships, unique aspects, the perceived benefits and challenges, and future plans. We are interested in receiving a broad spectrum of projects, including those that focus on national or global communities and those focused on local communities, either completely within music education or with connections to other fields.  Projects that include face-to-face communities, virtual communities, or a hybrid between the two are welcome.


Those interested in presenting should prepare a 150-word (maximum) description of the interaction/program/partnership to be discussed.  Each submission must include: 1) Title of the presentation, 2) Name(s) and institutional affiliations of presenters, 3) One-sentence description that is separate from the 150-word description, and 4) a designation as to if this proposal focuses on local or national/global/virtual communities.  For programming balance, there is a limit of 3 submissions per single institution.


Paste the information requested above into the box provided on the registration page by midnight on Sept. 15th.




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