Teach Together

The Big Ten Music Education departments love teaching & learning together! 

"Traveling" Scholars

If a student at one Big Ten Academic Alliance institution would like to take a course that exists at a different Big Ten institution, and the professor is willing to include him/her, this link leads to the information to make it official:

Traveling Scholar Program

A few of the courses being offered in this manner include:

MUSED 504 International Perspectives in Music Education - Dr. Rodriguez, University of Michigan, distance students participate through UoM videoconferencing cloud

The Collaborative Music Ed Series: Sharing Scholarship

In 2014 Dr. Ann Clements (Penn State) began the amazing DOCC initiative - The Collaborative Music Ed Series: Sharing Scholarship. Professors from nearly all of the institutions in the Big Ten Academic Alliance recorded short videos on a music ed topic of their choice. The videos are accompanied by additional resources, discussion questions, projects and digital badges on certain activities. This amazing resource can be integrated into undergraduate music ed courses in a variety of ways. These resources, and explanations of how to use them effectively, can be found here:

Music Ed Series

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