Where We Are

Looking for a research partner with access to a particular population? Or just curious where you have to travel for conference next year? Here are a few notes to help.

  • University of Illinois: in Urbana-Chamgaign, land-grant institution, city of 83,400
  • Indiana University: in Bloomington, the "cultural center of the Midwest," 70,000 people
  • University of Iowa: "casual yet cosmopolitan environment of Iowa City," 71,600 people
  • University of Maryland: in College Park, located within the  Washington D.C. Capital Beltway, 5.9 million people in metro area
  • University of Michigan: in Ann Arbor, city of 117,000
  • Michigan State University: in East Lansing, land-grant institution in city of 48,500
  • University of Minnesota: in Minneapolis, diverse metropolitan community, located in heart of Twin Cities (3.7 million people) 
  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln: in Lincoln, land-grant institution, located in city of 300,000 (across sprawling fields)
  • Northwestern University: in Evanston, IL, edge of Lake Michigan in city of 76,000
  • The Ohio State University: in Columbus, land-grant institution in city of 820,000
  • Pennsylvania State University: in University Park, land-grant institution in city of 42,000 
  • Rutgers University: in New Brunswick, NJ, a colonial college and land-grant institution in city of 56,000
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison: located in heart of Madison, city of 233,000

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