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Big Ten Academic Alliance Music Education Faculty

And some of their research interests.

University of Illinois

Janet Barrett: reconceptualization of the music curriculum, secondary general music, interdisciplinary approaches in music, and music teacher education

Liora Bresler: the arts in education

Donna Gallo: Kodaly pedagogy

Adam Kruse: race and gender issues in music education and vernacular musicianship focusing on hip-hop

Jeananne Nichols: the lived experiences of persons whose voices may otherwise be muted in the prevailing discourses of music and music education (homeschooling, the United States Air Force Women In the Air Force (WAF) Band (1951-1961), and LGBT students)

Elizabeth Peterson: instrumental conducting and teacher preparation

Bridget Sweet: middle level choral music education, female and male adolescent voice change, and special challenges of gay and lesbian music educators

Indiana University

Brenda Brenner: string music education, teaching applied violin, courses in violin and string pedagogy

Frank Diaz: mindfulness in arts education, contemplative science, and teacher wellness

Brent Gault: elementary general music education, early childhood music education, and Kodaly-inspired methodology

Patrice Madura Ward-Steinman: choral music education, vocal jazz, research

Lissa Fleming May: jazz

Joyce McCall:  intersections of race, class, and culture in educational settings, as well as intersecting formal and informal strategies through the use of popular music and digital culture

Peter Miksza: music practicing and music teacher preparation, research with national data sets to address policy issues relevant to music education 

Lauren Kapalka Richerme: philosophy, music education policy, secondary general music, ethnomusicology, music technology 

Katherine Strand: classroom composition, action research, and integrated arts curriculum development

University of Iowa

Mary Cohen: wellness through music-making with respect to prison contexts, writing and songwriting, and collaborative communities

Jeremy Manternach: Choral Conducting Gesture and Vocal Production; Choral/Vocal Acoustics; Teacher and Pre-Service Teacher Vocal Health

Erin Wehr: Self-efficacy influence on music teaching, learning, and performing; Gender and jazz studies; Adult and multi-generational music learning

University of Maryland

Kenneth Elpus: music in education policy, demographics of music students and music teachers, understanding selection into music education, and music education as a context for adolescent development

Michael P. Hewitt: development of self-regulation skills among instrumental music students, assessment of music performance, and music teacher education

Stephanie Prichard: music teacher identity development, music teacher education coursework, music learning during the adolescent years

University of Michigan

Colleen Conwayinstrumental music education, preservice music teacher education, qualitative research, professional development for the inservice music teacher, and the mentoring and induction of beginning music teachers

Kate Fitzpatrickurban music education and mixed methods research

Michael Hopkinsstring education and music technology

Marie McCarthysociocultural and sociohistorical foundations of music education, application of sociological perspectives to music transmission contexts, and exploration of the spiritual dimensions of arts education

Carlos Xavier Rodriguezmusical development and cognition, musicality, musical expression, creative thinking, and popular music and culture

Julie Skadsemchoral conducting and rehearsal techniques

Michigan State University

Juliet Hess: anti-oppression education, activism in music and music education, music education for social justice, the question of ethics in world music study

Jonathan Reed: active as an adjudicator and clinician, conducting festivals and all-state choruses throughout the U.S.

Mitchell Robinson: beginning music teacher induction and support, education policy

Sandra Snow: conducting, choral pedagogy, choral singing

Cynthia Taggart: early childhood music, measurement, psychology of music, music learning theory, music aptitude 

University of Minnesota

Akosua O. Addo: international education, collaborative and comparative research on music play

Keitha L. Hamann: music assessment and the development of sight singing skill

Brian McCullough: Alexander technique

David Myers: lifelong learning, school and community partnerships

Laura K. Sindberg: teacher education and cognition, community engagement and collaboration, instrumental music, and comprehensive musicianship 

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Rhonda Fuelberth: singer response to conducting gesture, teacher training, music education for special populations

Brian Moore: creativity, composition, instructional technology

Glenn Nierman: assessment, teacher education, instructional strategies

Robert Woody: psychology of music

Northwestern University

Sarah Bartolome: children’s musical culture, ethnomusicology, choral culture from a global perspective, service-learning in higher education, and music teacher preparation

Steven M. Demorest: assessment and remediation of inaccurate singing, cultural neuroscience of music, music cognition, sight-singing pedagogy

Bernard J. Dobroski

Maud Hickey: teaching of, as well as assessment of, musical creativity as manifest through improvisation and composition

The Ohio State University

William L. Ballenger: director of the school of music, composition

Dale Beaver

Trevor Casto

Eugenia Costa-Giomi: music perception and cognition, non-musical benefits of music education

Jan Edwards listeners' music preferences and contemporary issues that influence music teacher education; effective preparations for teaching music to culturally diverse learners and special learners

Robert Gillespiestring pedagogy, the national status of string programs in America, and curricular development of today's music in teacher education

David Hedgecothfactors that impact classroom music educators: political influences in education, charter schools as well as public school and charter school curriculum

Daryl W. Kinneymusic and non-music (e.g. academic achievement) outcomes of formalized music instruction, music cognition and music teacher education

Laura Kitchel

Ashley Norris

Milton Vaughn Ruffin

Molly Rule

Brian Shaw: assessment and grading practices, music teacher identity, teacher education and evaluation, education policy, and educational leadership

Julia Shawchild and adolescent vocal development, culturally diverse learners, music teacher education, urban education, socio-cultural issues in music education

Jeffrey D. Shellhammer

Lynn Singleton: class piano, music theory

Jayne Wenner: elementary general music, world music and dance, children's choir

Kenneth Williamsenrollment trends among international students in music and cross-cultural teaching in music performance

Pennsylvania State University

Ann Clements: secondary general music, middle school/junior high choral music, music participation, ethnomusicology

Debbie Daugherty: student teaching, vocal music, world drumming

Robert Gardner: nature of improvisation and composition, supply and demand of American public school music teachers

Anthony Leach: choral conductor, adjudicator, composer

Linda Thornton: pedagogy for beginning instrumentalists, composition and improvisation for instrumental students, music teacher recruitment and socialization, reflective practice

Darrin Thornton: pre-service teacher training, educational access and outreach in music and music education, learning in ensemble settings, lifelong music engagement

Stephen Hankle: choral conductor, adjudicator

Corey Pompey: wind conducting, student teaching

Sarah Watts: musical oral history, children's musical play, trans-generational transmission of children's musical play repertoires

Purdue University

Christopher Cayari: mediated music making,  informal music learning, popular music, and virtual identities and communities

Rutgers University

William Berz: instrumental music education, conducting

Darryl J. Bott: wind conductor, instrumental music education, assistant director of the Mason Gross Department of Music

Stephanie Cronenberg: middle level curriculum and pedagogy, general music, arts integration, music teacher life history

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Teryl Dobbs: musical representations of trauma and pedagogies related to the Shoah; archival study of child survivor testimonies regarding music learning activities in Theresienstadt; theories of disability and nondisability within music education; preservice music educators’ constructions of teaching identity and praxis

Julia Eklund Koza: equity issues in education, music, and music education; corporate influence on music education policy

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